A strong turnout for the Asia House Business Forum on Bangladesh

As part of the visit of a high-level Health Delegation from Bangladesh, Asia House, together with Novo Nordisk, the Danish Embassy in Dhaka and the Danish Pharmaceutical Association, hosted a Business Forum with focus on business opportunities in the Bangladeshi health sector.

Speakers representing the Bangladesh Health Authorities and relevant Danish business cases from Bangladesh were, among others, H.E. Muhammad Abdul Muhith, Ambassdor of Bangladesh in Denmark, Dr. MD. Sirajul Islam, and H.E. Mikael Hemniti Winther, Ambassador of Denmark in Bangladesh.

The Business Forum was finalized with networking while enjoying drinks, snacks, and coffee.

Opening of the ‘new’ Asia House

On Tuesday the 21st February Asia House marked the finalization of the physical rejuvenation, giving the meeting facilities a make-over, which will ensure a more functional and modern house – without losing that unique Asia House feeling. This was done with a reception where among others H.E. Brian Mikkelsen, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs gave a speech acknowledging Asia House’s role as a vital platform for strengthening Denmark’s ties with Asia.
Among other speakers where H.E. Vimon Kidchob, Ambassador of Thailand and Mads Lebech, CEO, The Danish Industry Foundation. After the speeches people continued the networking over a glass of wine.

Asia House together with DCBF and the Danish Board Association hosted an event on “Cyber Security in the Board Room”

The presenters, Torben Waage from Kromann Reumert, Stiig Wæver from Praesidio, and Troels Ørting, Group Chief Security Officer from Barclays, gave a thought provoking overview, underlining the scale and sophistication of cyber-attacks from very diverse criminal groups.
They agreed that board room members should pay close attention to this aspect of risk analysis, mitigation, and crisis management.

Asia House is awarded with the project “Gateway to India’s Smart Cities” by Industriens Fond

India is one of the world’s largest growth economies, with an annual GDP increase of over 7%. Additionally, the country’s population is growing rapidly. India will overtake China as the country with the largest population by 2030.

100 billion kroner opportunity

The country’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi has launched an ambitious urban development program called ‘100 Smart Cities’ to deal with India’s rapid growth and urbanization. With an investment amounting to 100 billion kroner over the next five years, the program will focus on the sustainable development of over-crowded Indian cities, which by 2050 will experience a population growth of up to 400 million people.”India is an interesting export market for Danish companies. With the launch of the Smart Cities program, we are dealing with a market that specifically asks for solutions and products in sectors which Danish corporate business has a strong profile such as urban planning, ICT and more sustainable water and energy solutions. Hence, the potential has become even greater”, says Mads Lebech who is the Administrative Director for the Industry’s Foundation.“Furthermore, the entire Smart City program is an area where Danish companies can assert themselves and is, therefore, something the Industry Foundation wants to focus on, both in this case and many others”.

Concrete tenders and concrete solutions

The Indian authorities will provide tenders, both small and large, related to the Smart City program.“It is difficult for Danish companies to enter this Indian market if they do not already have a strong presence. Moreover, the Indian Smart Cities program is based on a complicated bidding process characterized by fierce international competition, “says Susanne Rumohr Hækkerup, Executive Director for Asia House. She outlines how the project will pave the way for Danish companies:“With support from the Industry Foundation, we can initiate the process in which we involve 45 Danish companies in a capacity building project. As part of the project, the companies would be guided through the intricate procurement process and the many statutory requirements, so that they can become serious contenders for specific tenders in India.”

Good experience can be copied T

he project, called the Gateway to India’s Smart Cities, is supported by the Industry Foundation with over one million kroner and implemented by Asia House in cooperation with the Innovation Centre in New Delhi and the advisory firm, Quercus Group.When the 45 companies have completed the process, the findings from the project will be available so that other companies, who want to be part of India’s valuable work in the future, can learn from these experiences.For further information you can contact, Torben Krab, Asia House, 51624031 or Ole Østrup, Industriens Fond, 23800660

Asia House hosted a Smart Cities SME Business Forum on India

Asia House recently held a very successful SME Business Forum about Danish SME’s business opportunities under the Indian “100 Smart Cities” Scheme. At the Business Forum Tom Sebastian, Deputy Head from Innovation Centre Denmark, New Delhi and Neelabh Singh, Partner in Quercus Group gave very informative presentations on how Danish SME’s can engage in the tender-driven process upon which India’s “100 Smart Cities” Scheme is based. Asia House looks forward to continue its focus on the important smart cities program in 2017. We will soon announce the details of how we will do this in a partnership with Innovation Centre Denmark in New Delhi and Quercus group.


Asia House hosted our annual entrepreneurship day – “Asia Next Stop”

Asia House hosted our annual entrepreneurship day – “Asia Next Stop” in collaboration with Danish-Chinese Business Forum and Innovation House China-Denmark. Peter Ølbye, CEO, Nordic Technologies told about the challenges of selling clean drinking water in the Northern China and the entrepreneur Jacob Juul from Zupersoft informed about his experiences regarding setting up an online-platform in China. Further, advisor from DI Anders Kjøller, General Manager Karin Vith Ankerstjerne from Innovation House China-Denmark, and Lars Andersen from Andersen Consult informed about the possibilities and downsides as an entrepreneur in Asia. The discussion continued with a network session and a Chinese buffet.