The concept of the EAC Club was formulated between late 1997 and early 1998, when the EAC moved its headquarters to Singapore. The idea was to create a forum where both past and present EAC employees could meet up and hear news about the Company. Retired employees had often been invited to information meetings at EAC, and the move to Singapore would mean this was no longer possible.

In order to get the idea up and running as quickly as possible, focus was directed on the EAC’s sports club, which was founded in 1947 but, as a result of the move to Singapore, had lost a lot of its members and was facing closure. At the sports club’s ordinary general meeting on 30 March 1998, it was resolved by overwhelming majority to amend the club’s statutes so that a social organisation could be founded as a continuation of the sports club. The members and assets of the sports club were thus transferred to the EAC Club, which took up residence in Asia House, built in 1898 in Copenhagen’s former Free Port to house the EAC’s headquarters.

The idea has proved to be well conceived; from a membership of around just 60 in 1998, the Club now has more than 550 members, of whom almost 150 live abroad.

In 2004, it was also made possible for employees of the EAC’s affiliates, both Danes and non-Danes, on land or at sea, to qualify for membership, provided they had been employed with the affiliate in question for at least 3 years.

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