East Asiatic Company Posters

Reproductions of these two EAC posters available at Asia House in a limited edition

200,- DKK

Midnight Sky

This sombre midnight blue scene, created by well-known Danish artist Sven Dalsgaard around 1950, is one of the most poetic EAC posters. Dalsgaard was a Dadaist who dabbled in a variety of creative media including poetry. He was especially fascinated by dualism, which can be seen here in his juxtaposition of the great, modern EAC ship in the distance and the small rowboat in the foreground.

200,- DKK

Saffron Ships

This captivating design in saffron tones, created in the 1930s by an unknown artist, presents another fascinating juxtaposition between tradition and modernisation. Incorporating Asian and European elements, the poster advertises “Regular passenger and Freight Services”, marking EAC’s particular role in the development of global transport.

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Measurements: 70 cm x 43,7cm

Finish: 140g, high quality matte print