ASEAN on the Global Stage: Navigating Global Tensions

This seminar at Asia House will discuss how ASEAN is navigating through the multidimensional crises of today.

17 November 2022

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Please join us 23 November from 15:00-16:30 for an exciting talk on navigating through global tensions by ASEAN.
This year’s G20 Summit will be hosted by Indonesia on 15-16 November, and Thailand will host the APEC Summit 2022 on 18-19 November.
This seminar at Asia House Denmark will discuss how The ASEAN Secretariat is navigating through the multidimensional crises of today. Two well-known experts, Steffen Gram, journalist and tv-presenter and Camilla T. N. Sørensen, PhD and associate professor at the Department of Strategy and War Studies, will introduce the topic and discuss the initiatives and challenges facing South-East Asia.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations – ASEAN – has as its purpose to promote economic and cultural exchange among its member countries, maintain peace and stability in Southeast Asia, and establish relationships with foreign powers with similar aims. ASEAN formed during the Cold War to promote stability and cooperation in a politically turbulent region. ASEAN countries have a total population of 662 million people and a combined GDP of $3.2 trillion.

Location: Asia House, Indiakaj 16, 2100 Copenhagen.

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