Asia House April Newsletter

25 April 2024

As cherry blossoms adorn the season, Asia House has welcomed April with a bundle of activities. From the official launch of our new initiative, SPACES, to our ongoing support for the annual Sakura Festival, as well as our hosting of renowned Frank Tsai’s insightful talk on navigating geopolitical risks, April has been busy and exciting.

Amongst many other activities, we’ve hosted a captivating Thai fashion showcase, highlighting the traditional Chud Thai attire. Additionally, we’ve interviewed Kazuko Mayer, a key figure behind the annual Sakura Festival, who has shared her insights into the festival’s planning process, showcasing authentic Japanese culture in Denmark.

Before finishing this newsletter, did you know that cherry blossoms play an important role in terms of picnicking and spending time with loved ones? The newsletter will round off with more about about this, known as Hanami in Japanese, in the Monthly Asia Insights section at the bottom.

Read it here.

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