Asia House back in high school

21 March 2024

Few experiences compare to opening the doors of Asia House to young individuals who are about to embark on their first significant journey to Asia. Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting the international business class from Slotshaven Gymnasium who are eagerly preparing for their upcoming trip to Vietnam.

Our colleague, Torben Krab, delivered a pep talk and provided an introduction to the region mixed with personal travel anecdotes.

At Asia House and the EAC (East Asiatic Company) Foundation, we are proud to collaborate with Danish educational partners on a comprehensive Youth Strategy. We aim to cultivate a growing group of young talents who are passionate about Asia and will make it a focal point of their educational journeys.

In line with the EAC history and spirit, we aim to nurture a new generation of global citizens with a deep understanding and appreciation for the opportunities and challenges that Asia presents.

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