DASN Meeting in Manila

27 January 2023

Photo: DASN

The Danish-Asian SME Network hosted a peer to peer networking meeting in Manila yesterday with 25 participants. In close cooperation with NordCham Philippines and DASN Advisory Board member Jesper Svenningsen, Danish business people based in the Philippines engaged in productive dialogues, debates and discussions. Among the participants were business people from Denmark and Thailand, and Gert Grønkjær and Lars Siggaard Andersen reported an enthusiastic group, where DASN and its networking methods were well received.

The main takeaways from the Manila meeting were:

1) The need for increased connection to Denmark and recognition of the efforts of Danes based abroad;
2) Danes approaching the business market for the first time should prepare thoroughly and make contact with Danes already established in the region;
3) The Philippines has an extraordinary amount to offer Denmark market-wise and it is one of the easiest markets to operate in Asia. According to the DASN project leaders, there is no other way to put it: the Philippines should be a part of anyone planning to do business in Asia.

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