Denmark and China join forces for a greener future

27 April 2023

Photo: Udenrigsministeriet

Dan Jørgensen, Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate, recently visited China to strengthen Denmark’s collaboration with China through a new agreement on Danish-Chinese cooperation. The agreement focuses on Denmark’s support for China’s green transition by assisting in the integration of renewable energy and district heating, which are currently facing challenges in China’s energy system. The agreement, signed by Dan Jørgensen will be in effect until 2025.

Denmark has been collaborating with Chinese energy authorities for over a decade, sharing its expertise in energy efficiency, integration of renewable energy, district heating, and long-term energy planning. Denmark’s green transition strengths are a crucial aspect of this collaboration, and by sharing these experiences with Chinese energy authorities, the impact of Danish knowledge is multiplied.

You can read the full article in Danish here.

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