Exciting opportunities await Danish robotics companies in Singapore

20 June 2023

Photo: https://thetradecouncil.dk/

The market for robot and automation technology in Singapore is thriving. Industries seek reliable suppliers to address workforce gaps, increase productivity, and enhance consumer value.

Danish robotics companies have excellent prospects in this market. The Asia-Pacific region holds a significant share of the global robot market (65%), valued at 193 billion DKK.

Singapore has ambitious plans to expand its manufacturing sector by 50% by 2030, solidifying its position as a leader in robotics.

The Trade Council in Southeast Asia supports Danish companies in Singapore:

The market for robots in Singapore is booming, and The Trade Council in Singapore is ready to assist Danish robotics companies in entering this market. The Trade Council can provide valuable market insights, identify local distributors, and facilitate partnerships with potential collaborators to help further develop your product.

Source (Danish): https://thetradecouncil.dk/indsigter/verden-rundt/brandvarmt-marked-for-danske-robotter-i-singapore

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