Exciting Times Ahead for Asia House

12 January 2024

As we embark on 2024, we trust that this year will be filled with profound undertakings and that you will reach many of the goals you pursue. Without a doubt, Asia House and its affiliated projects are back in full swing after the holiday break, gearing up for promising times ahead.

This year has a lot of great things in store, such as team development and the prospects of many more connection trips around the globe. Exciting projects are underway, and we eagerly look forward to unveiling new avenues for connecting the Nordics and Asia even more that we’ve been diligently working on for a while. More about that later.

Asia House is set to be abuzz with activity in 2024, playing host to a diverse array of events, including the eagerly awaited second gathering of “Living Asia” in February – an initiative that aims to foster connection among young Asia-minded professionals.

We’re equally thrilled to announce that the first strategic meeting of the Young Professionals Council will take place on the same day, kicking off the year to a bright start.

We therefore look ahead to a dynamic year on the youth front and in general a year with lots of exciting things happening.

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