Maritime opportunities for Danish businesses in India – Webinar

17 February 2023

Over the past months, Asia House Denmark together with Danske Maritime (Danish Maritime), (DI India), Innovation Centre Denmark Bangalore, and RedThread Consulting have conducted the first targeted mapping of maritime opportunities in India for Danish companies.

Wednesday, 1 March at 10:00, the project partners will present their results in this webinar. Participation is online and free.

Our partners in India have visited the major shipyards in India and met with the key maritime players in Mumbai and Delhi among other places. Danske Maritime has contributed maritime expertise and anchoring to the Danish environment. The initiative is supported by the Danish Maritime Foundation (Den Danske Maritime Fond).

Danish maritime companies active in India will also share their experiences with the market, and you can also hear further on how this initiative can concretely benefit your business.

The webinar will focus on the following areas in relation to Danish export opportunities:
– Shipbuilding and repair.
– Expansion of the Indian fleet.
– Growth in cruise tourism along India’s coast and inland waterways.
– Establishment of new ports, terminals, and deepening of inland waterways.

See the programme and sign up here: Webinar_Maritime_India_01032023.pdf.

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