Meet Mira: Bridging Academia and Remote Work

15 December 2023

It is no secret that Asia House’s team embodies an international spirit, with colleagues hailing from various corners of the globe. This also applies to our student worker, Mira Topp, who is currently embracing the autumn semester abroad as an exchange student in Taiwan. Despite the physical distance, Mira continues to contribute remotely to Asia House. As Mira’s exchange adventure is about to come to an end, she would like to share about her experience:

Adventures and Academic Contrasts

“Being an exchange student in Taiwan has been exciting, challenging, and full of new learnings. Taipei City is a modern metropolis, but most shops, cafés, and school study rooms close at 9 PM, making it hard to 熬夜 (stay up late) studying until the late night.

I noticed a stark difference between National Taiwan University and the University of Copenhagen. I have greater autonomy at the University of Copenhagen, allowing me to focus on what’s relevant to me and think more independently. At NTU, I need to concentrate on what’s tested due to frequent evaluations. I would say at NTU, you need discipline, whereas at the University of Copenhagen, you need self-discipline.

Working remotely while being on exchange also takes self-discipline and working unusual hours at times. However, I am grateful to have had this opportunity to continue working on Asia House projects and use my experiences in Taiwan in the work.”

We hope Mira gets the most out of her remaining time as an exchange student and we look forward to welcoming her back to Asia House next year. Kudos to all your efforts, Mira.

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