New Book – Danes in the World

13 April 2023

Photo credits: Gads Forlag

“Often it is the encounter with the foreign that gives us perspectives to understand who we are as people – and who we are as Danes” – Stéphanie Surrugue.

The stories of Danes through history that have made an impact in the world are now shown in the series “Danskere i Verden” or Danes in the World, on DR every Sunday.

Last episode, they told the story of Danes in Asia, where you can hear about

  • N. Andersen, Founder of East Asiatic Company, which was one of the most successful and influential international enterprises and had its headquarters in Asia House.
  • Christian Eyde Møller, an earlier EAC employee in Vietnam and now founder & Director of Lionheart Farms, which has sustainable palm farms in the Philippines.
  • Bernard Arp Sindberg, who risked his life in 1937th China to 1000s of Chinese.

A new book with the same name will now be published on April 14th in cooperation with DR.

Here you can read more stories of how different Danes had and still have an impact throughout the world.

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