New Danish Ambassador to the Philippines

31 January 2023


While we are watching as developments unfold in Eastern Europe, real development is happening in Asia.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen conveyed this thought to Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, the new Danish Ambassador to the Philippines. The Philippines is at a stage where the market “can really take off”, according to the Ambassador, who believes that the relationship with the Philippines is crucial for strengthening Denmark’s relationships in the Asia-Pacific and diversifying Denmark’s ties with Asia.

While many look to China when they think of Asia, Denmark is looking to diversify by adding a strong partner in Southeast Asia. There is a shift in strategy which Ambassador Mellbin calls “China Plus One”. “Denmark has a very strong economic relationship with China. But we also want to diversify by having a factory in China and another in a country in Southeast Asia.”

Denmark has identified six elements that the Ambassador will focus on in his new post:
– Agriculture
– Energy
– Sustainability
– Maritime
– Defense
– Digitalization

Asia House project, Dansk-Asiatisk SMV Netværk hosted a peer-to-peer networking meeting in Manila in January. One of the takeaways was that the Philippines has an extraordinary amount to offer Danish markets, and it is one of the most accessible markets to navigate in Asia. The Philippines should be a part of anyone’s plans when doing business in Asia.

Read the entire article about the new Danish Ambassador, Franz Michael Skjold Mellbin, here.

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