New documentary series about Danish entrepreneurs

23 December 2022

Image: DR TV

The Danish TV channel, Danmarks Radio (DR) has recently produced a four-part documentary series entitled Matadorerne, or “The Moguls”, which focuses on some of history’s greatest Danish entrepreneurs. The series recaps with dramatic effect the battle for financial control in Denmark in the late 1800s, depicting the powerplay between banklords Isak Glückstadt and C.F. Tietgen. “The Moguls” follows both the story of the two men’s rivalry, but it is also the story of how Danish banking came into being, and the creation of the modern Danish business world of today.

So how is this important to Asia House ?

The historical connection is undeniable: the DR documentary touches upon the East Asiatic Company – from which Asia House stems – and its activities in Thailand (then Siam) at the turn of the 20th century. Also addressed in the series are the accomplishments of, and challenges faced by EAC founder, H.N. Andersen. We are also proud to say that a few of the scenes were filmed at Asia House, the historic building at Indiakaj that was once the EAC headquarters.

The documentary is hosted by journalist and TV presenter Johannes Langkilde, and businesswoman and investor Mia Wagner, founder of Nordic Female Founders, an organisation working towards greater diversity in the Danish business world.

The DR TV series is scheduled to air on 1 January during the prized 8PM timeslot – don’t miss it! Watch DRs teaser here (in Danish).

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