New Maritime Initiative Looks To India

Danish maritime solutions for blue India - first step towards deeper knowledge and greater exports

24 November 2022

Photo: Abir Roy Barman

Over the past decades, India has experienced massive economic growth, placing new demands on the Indian maritime sector. With both the merchant fleet and infrastructure in need of an upgrade, both private and public Indian stakeholders are now betting on a radical transformation of the whole of Blue India.

At the same time, there is a growing focus on green transformation in India, to which Denmark can make a particular contribution, as set out in the Green Strategic Partnership between our two countries. In 2020, Denmark became the first country to enter into a green strategic cooperation with India, with the maritime sector as one of the selected core areas.  The project aims to give concrete content to these formal partnerships, and also to take advantage of the improved relationship between Denmark and India.

What does this mean in concrete terms for Danish maritime companies? What opportunities are available in blue India right now? And which Danish companies are relevant in this context?

With the support of Danske Maritime, Bjarke Wiehe Bøtcher from Danish Maritime together with the old NORDIN – The Indo Danish SME Platform team; Tom Sebastian RedThread Consulting, Tobias Hansen DI – Dansk Industri Mumbai, Anandita Prakash Innovation Centre Denmark Bangalore and Peter Johansen Asia House Denmark, will identify opportunities for Danish maritime solutions in India.

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