New report on green opportunities in India´s Maritime sector

22 June 2023

Now is the time to engage with the Indian maritime sector, but we need to rethink the approach and consider a broad, holistic ecosystem approach. 

This is the main conclusion from the first report ever, which takes a hard look at specific opportunities and limitations for Danish Maritime companies in India. 

Other main conclusions are…

  • India’s Maritime sector is small by global standards but expanding rapidly
  • Expansion is fueled by structural and economic necessity, new legislation and geopolitical changes in terms of security and supply chain diversification
  • There is a strong demand for green Danish solutions in the Blue Indian economy
  • The best entry points for Danish Maritime companies are select private Indian shipyards with international focus and customers
  • Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch Maritime companies are successfully accessing India
  • There is a strong political momentum at the highest level, with the Green Strategic Partnership and the upcoming Indo-Danish Maritime Centre of Excellence 

Read the full report here. (PDF)

Feel free to reach out to Peter Johansen if you’d like to engage further with the Blue Indian economy. 

The report is the final deliverable of the Indo-Danish Maritime Bridge, a project partnership between Asia House, Danish Maritime, ICDK Bangalore, DI India and Red Thread Consulting, supported by The Danish Maritime Foundation.

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