New Travel Measures in China Amidst Economic Transition

8 August 2023

As China’s economic recovery navigates post-COVID challenges, the Ministry of Public Security has unveiled a set of measures to facilitate smoother travel experiences within its borders. These measures hold potential benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to engage in the dynamic Chinese market.

Key highlights of the new measures include:

Enhanced Visitation Rules: Travelers now have the opportunity to upgrade their single-entry arrival visas to versatile multiple-entry versions, valid for up to three years. This flexibility is poised to simplify significantly cross-border business trips, supporting seamless engagement over extended periods.

Streamlined Landing Visas: Foreign nationals venturing to China for business negotiations, investment opportunities, entrepreneurship endeavors, exhibitions, and conferences can apply for landing visas accompanied by invitation letters and supporting documentation. Furthermore, those with evolving business requirements can transition their visa-on-arrival into a multiple-entry visa after entering the country.

Passport Convenience: Under the new guidelines, foreign nationals can hold their passports while their residence permits are being processed.

These measures are set to be implemented by the end of August.

Source: China Relaxes Business Visa Rules in Bid to Further Open Borders – Bloomberg

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