Shaping Youth strategy across Denmark

2 April 2024

At Asia House, we’re constantly on the move, engaging with individuals and organizations to exchange knowledge and explore innovative ways to enhance relations between the Nordics and Asia. This also applies to our newest team member, Honar Abdollahi, Head of Youth Strategy.

In just one month, Honar has hit the ground running, crisscrossing Denmark to engage with stakeholders and shape our youth strategy for the future. From transforming our office into a mobile workspace on trains to meeting with key players, Honar is dedicated to integrating long-term value into our initiatives.

Are you an educator, teacher, or facilitator of a youth-centered institution? Then reach out to Honar and the Asia House team! Whether it’s discussing collaboration opportunities or enhancing competencies in geopolitics, cultural understanding, or global citizenship, we’re here to support knowledge-sharing and co-create a journey.

Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with Honar and tap into the opportunities at Asia House.

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