TechBBQ is going to Sapporo

Sapporo City & Hokkaido Government aim to increase the number of startups and accelerate the growth of local ecosystem.

13 December 2022

Photo: TechBBQ Sapporo

TechBBQ, Startup City Sapporo and JETRO Startup are hosting the first ever TechBBQ event in Japan.

By attracting global investors, connecting local stakeholders, and providing opportunities for early-stage start-ups, Sapporo City and the Hokkaido government hope to increase the number of start-ups and accelerate the growth of the local ecosystem.

TechBBQ Sapporo is a one-day conference that will bring global investors and local start-ups together. The stage program will be tailored to delve deeper into the local ecosystem, and there will be plenty of networking opportunities. The main goal for TechBBQ is to foster growth for startups and scaleups in the Nordic region.


Date: 27 January 2023
Location: Sapporo City

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