In accordance with the Danish government’s recommendations for hindering the spread of COVID-19, gatherings of a maximum of 60 guests are currently permitted in Asia Hall (120m3) for standing arrangements. For seated arrangements this number may be reduced, depending upon the room and set-up, in order to allow for adequate space between guests.

Guests are encouraged to frequently use hand sanitizer, which is available in all rooms in Asia House. Surfaces including tabletops, banisters, doorknobs and handles are disinfected before and after each arrangement. In the case of food service, individual servings are preferred to shared dishes, and our staff members will maintain distance when serving.

Asia House personnel are instructed to respect social distancing measures by not shaking hands and avoiding close physical contact, and we strongly recommend our guests do the same. In some situations, our staff may use masks and gloves. Please note that masks and gloves will not be provided to guests.