In accordance with the Danish government’s newest Covid-restrictions, as of 11 June 2021, gatherings of up to 100 guests are currently permitted in Asia House, provided a distance of one metre is maintained between seated guests and two metres where possible. 
Though masks are no longer required,  guests are encouraged to avoid close contact and skaking hands. Guests are also encouraged to frequently use hand sanitizer, which is available in all rooms in Asia House. Surfaces including tabletops, banisters, doorknobs and handles are disinfected before and after each arrangement.

From 1 August 2021, restrictions on gatherings are expected to be repealed.

We offer a number of suitable meeting rooms and arrangement possibilities; please contact us for more information.

All activities must come to an end at 22:00, at which time the house closes and guests are required to vacate the premises.

(Updated 14.06.2021)