An Asia House Project

New business network to help Danish companies navigate Southeast Asian

Southeast Asia is all about growth. The region has a large population and an innovative business community in constant search for new partners – opportunities that Danish companies should act on.

A new network of Danish businesspeople with experience from Asia has been established to ensure that more Danish companies can expand to Southeast Asia and reap benefits there. This will be accomplished in part with a series of strategic business promotions in the region.

From a Danish perspective, ASEAN is one of the least explored markets. But that needs to change now. Through a newly established network, knowledge about the region is gathered and made available to the entire Danish business community. And with the network’s experience in mind, the connection between Denmark and Southeast Asia will be strengthened so that it will be easier for Danish companies – including small and medium-sized ones – to gain access to the growth markets in Southeast Asia and create new exports.

The project is created by Asia House, the Danish Export Association, Andersen Consult, and the Danish Industry Foundation. Together with the Danish chambers of commerce, companies, representations and businesspeople, the project will carry out a number of export promotion activities, build bridges
and strengthen Danish insight and presence in the Southeast Asian region.