The EAC Foundation

THE EAC FOUNDATION – ØK’s Almennyttige Fond

The EAC Foundation primarily supports projects and activities that strengthen and expand commercial and cultural relations between Denmark and the countries in which the East Asiatic Company has been active, notably in Asia.

Within this scope, the Foundation focuses on research, humanitarian grants, environmental protection, education and art.

The Foundation does not disburse a fixed sum of money each year, but rather it processes relevant applications on an ongoing basis. The Foundation can provide financial assistance either as a one-off payment or as regular payments over a specific period.

The Foundation owns Asia House, and its purposes in running the house include preserving the EAC heritage and disseminating information on the EAC’s commercial and cultural-historical work.

The Foundation was instituted in 1988.

The foundation does not give grants to individual students or internships. Occasionally academic projects may be considered if they have a wider impact.

General humanitarian projects are not covered, unless they aim to strengthen and expand commercial and cultural relations between Denmark and Asia.

Applications should be submitted to the following email: , no later than
22 May 2017.

Please include the following in your application (in Danish or English): Title of the project, background and purpose, time frame, how the project will be financed, whether there is additional funding, the full budget and the amount applied for, contact name and e-mail address.

The EAC Foundation’s CVR number is: 12390440